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Irmo Smiles provides a complete range of orthodontic options for every patient needing bite correction or seeking a more beautiful smile. We utilize the latest technology in treating our patients. 


Obviously, no two patients are exactly alike. Just like your fingerprints, your dental anatomy is unique. Using the Insignia system, we are able to design a custom treatment plan just for you!


Starting with a 3D digital scan of your mouth, we will create your plan and the components will be ordered for you, much like prescription eye glasses would be. Customized brackets and wires combined with digitally assisted precision placement provide gentle, efficient movement of the teeth. Smaller and smoother brackets provide a more comfortable fit.


The Insignia system has been scientifically proven to reduce treatment time by an average of 37%1. Let’s face it, the day you’re looking forward to is the day you get your braces off. At Irmo Smiles, you will be able to view your new smile digitally before starting treatment. You will know what to expect and may be pleasantly surprised at getting there faster.


Insignia has been shown to reduce office visits by an average of 7, minimizing your time away from work or school while you’re being treated. Make an appointment for a free consultation today. Call 803-753-4995 to get started.


Fast treatment time.
Outstanding comfort.

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1 Weber II, D.J.; Koroluk, L.D.; Phillips, C.; Nguyen, T.; Proffit, W.R.: Clinical Effectiveness and Efficiency of Customized vs. Conventional Preadjusted Bracket Systems, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. Vol. XLVII Number 4, pp.261-266, April 2013.

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